BETA PACK provides packaging for the following market segments:
. Meat processing
. Milk processing (mostly cheese)
. Banking sector (packaging of banknotes and coins)
. Technical packaging
. Barrier film for thermoforming (in rolls)
. Shrink barrier packaging

Standard PA/PE three-side seal or tubular packaging (mostly three- or five-layer PA/PE)
This standard PA/PE type packaging is designed for use in vacuum chamber machines. The mode of operation is semi-automatic. The operator places the product in the pouch, and then places the package in the chamber of the machine, which automatically removes the air from the chamber and seals the pouch. Same pouches can be used for modified atmosphere packaging (MAP).

Shrink barrier packaging
The packaging process is synonymous to the one described in 1, but after the vacuuming cycle is completed, the product in the pouch is placed in a so called shrink tank for 1-2 seconds. This helps the packaging to shrink down to even up to 50% to wrap itself more tightly on the product. Shrink barriers are getting more and more popular in the meat and cheese processing market even though they are much more expensive due to a more complex structure.

Deep-forming film rolls
Deep-forming film rolls are usually multi-layer film structures (five to nine layers) based on polyethylene and polyamide. There are various widths applicable, depending on a type of packaging equipment used, but the most frequent widths are 360, 422 and 423 mm. Forming depth depends on the combination of film thickness and structure, typically the standard thicknesses are 100, 120, 130, 150, 170 and 200 microns.

Top barrier films for automatic machines and tray sealers.
Film used as top film for automatic machines and tray sealers. Thickness of 70 microns (PA/PE structure: 15/55), width: on request.

Laminated films with intra-layer print
We also supply printed intra-layer print packaging produced as flexo (PET/PE or PA/PE/PET)

Money packaging
BETA PACK is the leading producer of money packaging pouches. We can supply standard three-side seal pouches as well as tubular pouches, used for both banknote and coin packaging, transparent and printed

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